Professional Development & Classroom Support Programs

The Multiliteracies Project

"The term "Multiliteracies" was coined by the New London Group in 1996. Multiliteracies acknowledges that in an increasingly global and connected world--a flat world to borrow Tom Friedman's term--people must communicate between and across cultural and geographic boundaries. Multiliteracies also acknowledges the ways in which technologies such as ICTs and digital technologies are reshaping how we communicate. The Multiliteracies Project is an effort to document teaching and learning practices that meaningfully use these technologies. Go to the Multiliteracies Wiki for more information, ideas and resources.

First 3 Beginning Teacher Support Program

The Center is a partner with the Omicron Pi chapter of Kappa Delta Pi at UNC Charlotte in the First 3 Beginning Teacher Support Program which provides professional development and mentoring to teachers during their first three years of teaching.

Advancing Literacy: Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century

The Advancing Literacy: Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century Professional Development series is a set of workshops developed by the Center for Adolescent Literacies to advance the skills of K-12 teachers and others who work with elementary, middle and secondary students. Our workshops focus on reading and writing across content areas, meeting the needs of diverse learners, meaningful use of technology in teaching and learning. More than 350 educators have attended Advancing Literacy workshops and have praised these professional development opportunities for providing useful and effective tools to use in their classrooms. To date, the Center has hosted 14 workshops serving more than 600 teachers and educators in North Carolina.