Metamorphosis Project

Metamorphosis Project: Students, Teachers & Researchers Transforming Education


The Metamorphosis Project is an initiative of the Center for Adolescent Literacies at UNC Charlotte to work in collaborative partnership with students, teachers and researchers to identify effective literacy and learning practices in K-12 classrooms. The Metamorphosis Project seeks to document these practices including their impact on learning and share them with other stakeholders in education (students, teachers, administrators, policymakers and educational researchers) to promote effective, engaging and inclusive educational environments.

In a diverse and globally connected world, teaching and learning mThust be examined in the broader transnational contexts. Education matters at the individual, local, national and international level. The Metamorphosis Project seeks to examine education across these contexts. The project seeks to transform education by breaking down traditional hierarchical relationships in which students' and teachers' voices are often diminished by top-down educational policies and research done to rather than with students and teachers.


We believe that teaching and learning:

  • are active, discursive, transactional processes that cannot be separated from each other. To learn is to teach; to teach, to learn. As such, no one participant (the student, the teacher, parents, administrators) has greater value than any other.
  • can be transformational when they focus on things that impact the lives, communities and futures of participants.
  • must examine the individual, local, national and international contexts for learning. Collaboration within and across the classroom and school, the community, nation and world is imperative to a comprehensive educational experience.
  • must embrace diversity in its many facets and use that diversity as a tool for engaging students across contexts and cultures.

Project Timeline

The Project team formed in the Spring 2011 and since that time has begun work on a comprehension review of the research and scholarship pertinent to the Metamorphosis Project. The team is also develop a research methodology and will begin piloting this in the Charlotte region in the fall of 2011.