Freedom School evaluation project expands in Summer 2016

Date Published: 
Monday, June 13, 2016

The Center for Adolescent Literacies is once again working with Freedom School Parnters, Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina to conduct an evaluation of the reading compoment of its Freedom Schools programs. FSP hosts 16 Freedom School sites in Charlotte this year and the Center will gather data at 14 of those sites.

This evaluation research builds on evaluations conducted since 2009 to learn about the impact on reading for student Scholars in Freedom Schools in our community. The research program is expanding this year to also gather data to help develop additional measures for evaluating reading of Scholars in the program and to develop a survey to learn about the experience of college student Servant Leader Interns who work in Freedom Schools.

Previous year's data has shown that the program helps approximately 90% of Freedom School Scholars in grades 1 through 8 grow or maintain in their ability to read as measured by the Basic Reading Inventory (Johns, 2011). On average approxmiately 60% of Scholars show some level of growth while approximately 30% maintain in their ability to read. The evaluation is conducted in a pre/post testing format. For more information or to download a copy of our annual evaluation reports go to our Research & Scholarship page at this site.

Freedom Schools begin on June 16, 2016 and evaluation work kicks off on June 17. For more information contact Bruce Taylor.